Thematic Areas





Technology innovations in renewable energy

1. Focus on the latest advancements in renewable energy technologies such as solar, wind, hydro, and geothermal energy.

2. Discussions on improving efficiency, reducing costs, and overcoming technical challenges.


Smart grid technologies and applications

1. Explore the development and implementation of smart grid technologies.

2. Delve into how smart grids can enhance energy efficiency, reliability, and sustainability.


Grid integration of renewable energy sources

1. Address challenges and solutions associated with integrating renewable energy sources into the energy mix.
2. Discussions on grid stability, storage solutions, and infrastructural modifications.


Low-carbon buildings and communities: renewables, HVAC systems and energy efficiency

1. Progress in net-zero energy buildings, building-integrated photovoltaics and automation and control of HVAC systems
2. Discussions for building demand reduction techniques, end-user comfort requirements and smart energy districts/communities


Novel energy conversion and energy storage

1. Advanced energy conversion (e.g., heat pumps, turbines, fuel cells, electrolysers) and storage (e.g., electrical and thermal batteries, hydrogen) technologies
2. Green hydrogen technology evolution, system implications and applications


Policy, regulation, and financing

1. Discuss the role of government policies, regulations, and financial models in promoting or hindering the transition to renewable energy and smart grids.
2. Explore international cooperation and public-private partnerships.


Cybersecurity and data management

1. Cover the importance of cybersecurity in smart grid implementations.
2. Discuss best practices for data management, respecting privacy, and compliance in energy systems.


Community engagement adhering to social science and humanity principles

1. Explore the social and economic implications of transitioning to renewable energy and smart grids.
2. Discuss community engagement strategies, public awareness campaigns, and education initiatives to foster acceptance and understanding of these technologies.